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Meditation is our attempt to discover our inner self, a place beyond the usual workings of the intellectual mind. When we experience real meditation we become aware of the infinite within and our own unexpected wealth of divine qualities like peace and inner joy. Many people may have had glimpses of meditation unconsciously. For example whilst walking through nature and being awed by its beauty and magnitude. Others may have been moved by sublime music. At such moments our mind becomes still and we feel a sense there is something greater beyond our usual perceptions. As mysteriously as it came, such experiences may leave, giving only a fleeting glimpse of a feeling that is hard to describe. Meditation is an attempt to make such experiences permanent and also deepen and expand our own consciousness.

Latest events

Tarot Workshop

Become a professional Tarot Card Reader.

Venue : 109-A, 3rd Floor, New Manglapuri, Mehrauli, New Delhi - 110030

Landmark 1 : Near Shri Maha Maya Durga Mandir

Landmark 2 : Near HDFC ATM

Saturday and Sunday, 11th and 12th February 2017

Timing : 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Fee : Rs. 10500

What is Meditation ?

What is Meditation

Introduction to Meditation

Without the help of meditation, you cannot attain Knowledge of the Self. Without its help, you cannot grow into the divine state. Without it, you cannot liberate yourself from the trammels of the mind and attain immortality.

What is Meditation ?

Why Meditation ?

Meditation Why you need to do it

Benefits of Meditation

In today's world where stress catches on faster than the eye can see or the mind can perceive, meditation is no more a luxury. It is a necessity. To be unconditionally happy and to have peace of mind, we need to tap into the power of meditation.

Benefits of Meditation